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People with developmental disabilities sometimes need help managing their income.  The Arc's Financial Management program helps people avoid a financial crisis through protective payee services.  Each month we help more than 500 people in Spokane pay their bills, stay on budget and avoid predatory lending.  Our counselors help people resolve debt, set financial goals and meet them, fostering greater financial stability and independence. 

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When Luke told his FM counselor that someone was taking his Social Security income, The Arc contacted Adult Protective Services (APS) to investigate.  An APS case worker found illegal squatters in Luke's apartment, who were taking advantage of him.  Living conditions in the apartment were also poor.  The Spokane Police successfully ran the squatters off, but it was clear that Luke needed help meeting his personal care needs.  Even though he qualified for assistance through Washington's Division of Developmental Disabilities, Luke was reluctant to accept help.  It took two years of gentle persuasion from financial counselors at The Arc and case workers at APS to convince Luke to take the steps that would improve his qualify of life.  But their persistence paid off.  Today, Luke lives in an adult family home in Spokane where he enjoys a clean home, good health and friends who truly care about him.

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