Supported Employment

With more than 25 years experience, The Arc of Spokane is well-qualified to provide employment services for people with developmental disabilities through Washington's Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).  Our programs develop employment opportunities for individuals or in a group setting.  We also help people build marketable job skills.  We provide: 

    •  Skill and interest assessment
    •  Resume development
    •  Interview preparation
    •  Job placement
    •  Job coaching
    •  Training and support for employers
    •  Career development planning

Our Supported Employment program offers different levels of support:

Hundreds of people with developmental disabilities go to work every day in offices, stores and restaurants throughout Spokane.  They're capable, hardworking employees who take pride in their abilities.  Our Individual Employment program matches people with developmental disabilities to jobs in the community that fit their needs and abilities, ensuring the success of both employee and employer by providing close support and training when necessary. 

To participate in Individual Employment, candidates must be approved for funding from Washington's Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) or the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).  Contact your DDA or DVR case manager for more information about the approval process.  

If you have been approved for funding through either DDA or DVR and would like to participate in our Individual Employment program, contact Alexandra Voorhees at (509) 328-6326 or


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Group Supported Employment (GSE) provides employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities who are more comfortable working in a group setting.  Local businesses provide the opportunity, and The Arc provides on-site managers who ensure productivity and safety while encouraging skill development.  Our group enclaves have been an important part of the success of numerous local businesses, including Avista Utilities. 

To participate in GSE, candidates must be approved for funding from Washington's Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).  Contact your DDA case manager for more information about the approval process.  

To learn more about The Arc's GSE program, contact Alexandra Voorhees at (509) 328-6326 or




Group Employment
In 1989 The Arc of Spokane began working with Avista Utilities to identify employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.  A few year later this collaborative effort created Investment Recovery, a group enclave that employs people with developmental disabilities on the Avista Utilities property in Spokane.  For many years Avista simply discarded electrical components once they became worn out or damaged.  Now, however, 17 employees of The Arc's Investment Recovery program dismantle them, processing their valuable metals for recycling.  Each year about 500 tons of metal and wire, and 100,000 tons of paper are processed for recycling by these workers, generating well over $1 million annually in realized savings and revenue for Avista Utilities.

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